Hidden Moving Charges in Singapore

Hidden Moving Charges in Singapore

Transitioning to a new home in Singapore? While it promises a fresh start, the process might come with some hidden financial pitfalls. Unveiling these hidden charges in moving quotes ensures you aren’t caught off guard.


What is Basic Moving Service?

A basic moving package in Singapore usually includes:

  1. Door-to-door relocation with a covered truck, a driver, and movers
  2. Complimentary basic stretch film wrapping
  3. Provision of a certain number of packing boxes for loose items (the number of free boxes differs among different movers)
  4. While third-party insurance is generally NOT provided, some movers are willing to compensate for damaged items to varying degrees.


What are Additional Services?

Due to its complexity, smoothly moving everything from one home to another may require more services than you think. Here are the most common additional services to aid your move.

1. Special Wrapping

Here is the first thing that might attract hidden moving charges: Special wrapping of bulky and fragile items – Most moving companies include bubble wrapping furniture and fragile items in the price of their packages, but some may not. Item damage causes pain and that is why you may want to pay a premium for protective wrapping for fragile items such as TVs, mirrors, sofas, and bulky furniture.

2. Disassembly/Assembly

Disassembly becomes compulsory if your items, like storage beds and large wardrobes, are too bulky to be carried outside of your house. You will also need an assembly service to recover items.

Most movers in Singapore provide chargeable disassembly services. Some list it out as a separate service and some include it in a lump sum package value.

3. Packing Service

If you have no time or ‘mood’ to pack the house, you are lucky now since some movers, but not all of them can help pack.

The price ranges from $8.5 to $12 per hour. Discuss with movers to avoid hidden moving costs.

4. Disposal

Move out responsibly without leaving anything behind for the new owner to settle by engaging a disposal service. Disposal service is usually priced similarly to the moving rate since the amount of manpower and skill level are similar.

5. Condo Entry Permit Application

If you stay in a condo, do remember to obtain an entry permit from the management office or mover trucks cannot enter to move your items efficiently.

The moving service industry has met some concerns over hidden moving costs. While hoping proper regulation and honest players can eliminate the bad players, you can act smart to avoid hidden costs with these insider tips.


How to Avoid or Minimise Extra or Hidden Moving Charges?

Time and again, you will hear customers complaining about hidden moving charges. While such charges may be due to the workings of unethical movers, they are at times legitimate as movers have to be compensated for the extra work needed that may not have been planned for.

Hence to avoid incurring hidden moving charges, it is advisable to ensure that your movers provide a quote only after an onsite survey to ensure that they know the full requirements of the moving job at hand.

Another way to avoid or minimize such charges is to have such discussions prior to confirming the job with the mover. This way, you can bargain for a better price and if an agreement cannot be reached, have the option of appointing another company.


Why Use Penguin Logistics – No Hidden Moving Charges

Because our movers do an on-site survey before providing moving quotes, the incidence of hidden moving charges surfacing is minimized.

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