Pre-Move Survey in Singapore

Pre-Move Survey in Singapore

Singapore, with its busy streets and tall buildings, is always on the go. If you’re thinking of moving within the city or coming from another country, the idea can be overwhelming. This is where a pre-move survey becomes a game-changer, simplifying the whole ordeal. Let’s dig into why this survey is a must-have when moving in Singapore.


What’s a Pre-Move Survey?

In simple terms, a pre-move survey is when a moving expert comes to your place to check out what you want to move. They look at how many things you have and what kind they are. This way, they can tell you how much it might cost, what kind of truck or tools they need, and how long it’ll take.

Penguin Logistics will arrange for a survey of your home contents which will be used to calculate the cost and create your move plan. The pre-move survey allows our move consultant to meet with you to discuss your requirements. The consultant will record the various items to be packed and mark any special needs.

Every move is different, so our surveyor will discuss your individual needs. For example: What to dispose of, and what to donate to charity; your company’s policies and allowances; your travel plans and timing constraints; do you have any special service requirements? Pets? Cars? Boats? Piano? Etc.


The Benefits of Our Pre-Move Survey

  • Fully qualified and DBS/CCJ security vetted personnel
  • Our professional move surveyors help establish your move requirements
  • Identifies any potential problem areas
  • Expert advice on overcoming potential problems
  • Accuracy lowers costs
  • Our virtual survey option is convenient and easy
  • Fewer chances of things going wrong thanks to our years of experience


How Pre-Move Survey Works

1. Set a Date

First, you call and fix a day and time for us to come over. Penguin Logistics will arrange for a survey of your home contents which will be used to calculate the cost and create your move plan.

2. Check Everything

Our expert will walk around, look at your things, and note down important details.

3. Discuss

During the pre-moving survey, you ask questions or share concerns about any special items.

We manage each and every requirement that pops up along the way, from logistics management to the emotional impact of moving. We’ll provide advice on transit times, packing requirements, insurance processes, support for you should something go wrong, and help you understand the new location, and customs requirements.

4. Get the Price

You can provide us with an inventory of the items to be moved and any other relevant information about your move. We can provide a detailed report and moving quote based on the information, including things like packing, the truck, and workers.


Video Survey

An onsite pre-moving survey allows our specialist to provide an accurate estimate of the volume of the move. However, we understand that it may be difficult to arrange a time for an onsite survey due to busy schedules.

A video survey is an approach to the onsite survey going online. Our surveyor will use a video conferencing app, Zoom, to conduct a real-time, face-to-face survey online with the customer. This method is similar to the traditional survey, except the representative sees the customer, home, and inventory remotely through a screen instead of physically in person.


Wrapping Up

Moving in Singapore can seem like a big task. However, by getting a pre-move survey, you’re setting yourself up for a smoother ride. It’s like having a roadmap for your big move.

Nothing gets left behind when you move with us. Get your free moving quote today.