Things People Forget When Moving

Things People Forget When Moving

Moving is a physical and mental challenge. It’s disrupting. Home is supposed to be our sanctuary from all the craziness out there, so when that’s in a state of flux we feel vulnerable and unsettled. And in the midst of preparing, packing, and loading, it’s inevitable that something is forgotten and left behind. To make sure you don’t fall into the same traps, here’s a list of 10 common things people often forget when moving. Let’s dive in.


1. Common Things People Forget When Moving: Personal Documents

First and foremost, many overlook personal papers like birth certificates, passports, and marriage licenses when moving. So, before you start packing, collect these vital documents. Place them in a safe folder or envelope to ensure they don’t get lost in the shuffle.


2. Medications

Next up, medications. You might be focused on bigger items, but forgetting daily meds can be a big hiccup. Always set aside a separate bag for these, especially if they’re essential for your health.


3. Chargers

In this digital age, another common oversight is chargers. We’re talking about phone chargers, laptop cables, and other essential cords. Make it a point to have these on hand to avoid any tech disruptions.


4. House Plants

While considering all your belongings, house plants often get forgotten. To ensure they make the move, plan ahead. Some plants need special care, especially during long relocations.

5. Common Things People Forget When Moving: Hidden Valuables

Many of us have that secret spot for extra cash, jewelry, or other small valuables. Remember to check these hidden nooks, so nothing valuable is left behind.

6. Pet Essentials

For those with furry friends, don’t forget their essentials. Often, items like pet food, toys, and leashes can be overlooked. Keeping a separate bag for your pet can make the moving transition smoother for them.


7. Perishable Food

Cleaning out the fridge is crucial. The last thing you want is to return to a home filled with spoiled food. So, consume, donate, or toss perishables before the big move.


8. Garage Items

For many, the garage becomes a sort of “storage dump.” When moving, tools, gardening supplies, or seasonal items can be missed. A thorough garage check is always a good idea.


9. Common Things People Forget When Moving: Library Books

Yes, it sounds trivial, but many forget to return borrowed items. Before moving, check your bookshelves and return any library books or rented DVDs to avoid late fees.


10. Updating Address when Moving

Lastly, while it’s not a physical item, many forget to update their address. Whether it’s for mail, subscriptions, or official documents, make sure you inform relevant parties of your new location.


Conclusion: Common Things People Forget When Moving

In conclusion, moving doesn’t have to be a game of memory. By being proactive and referencing this list, you can prevent common oversights. And remember, while the process of moving can be overwhelming, taking things step by step makes it all manageable. Best of luck with your move!