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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a move?

It’s easy! Simply call us or WhatsApp us with a request for a quotation, and we’ll get back to you immediately! If you can send us photos of the items you want to move, we’ll be able to give you an even more accurate and reasonable quotation!

Do you include dismantling and reassembly services?

Yes, we do. Additional charges will apply for dismantling and reassembly, but we always check with you beforehand to make sure we understand fully what you need for your moving.

Do you provide piano moving services (or other heavy items)?

Our moving teams are well-trained to handle heavy items – these include pianos, safety deposit boxes, fridges, fish tanks, marble tables, and more. However, do let us know beforehand if there are any of items to prevent unnecessary costs on the day itself!

Are there any hidden charges?

At Penguin Logistics, we are extremely transparent with our costs. We’ll give you accurate quotations for your house moving, office moving, or otherwise. Additional charges do apply for certain cases like stairs, but we’ll always check with you to make sure beforehand.

Do you provide boxes or packing materials?

We provide box rental for free. A $3/box deposit applies, which is refundable after the move, as well as $20 delivery fee for boxes. We also sell packing materials, and we can also let you know what you’ll need before your move to prepare for it fully.

Do I need to pay a deposit or cancellation fee?

There is no deposit required to book our moving services. A cancellation fee of $50 applies for bookings canceled less than 12 hours before the scheduled move.

What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept payment by Cash or PayNow. You only need to pay after the move is completed and you are satisfied with our services.

Do you do packing and unpacking of my items before and after the move?

Yes, we do. Let us know what needs to be packed and we will provide you a quotation that meets your needs.

What vehicle will you use for my move?

Our standard moving service involves a 10-foot lorry with a tailgate so that most items can be moved safely and easily. We also offer the use of vans to do moving, which are typically preferred for single-bedroom moving or single pieces of furniture.

Do you do moving on weekends and public holidays?

Yes, we do. Simply contact us with your request and we will do our best to facilitate any special timings or dates.


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