Best Moving Seasons in Singapore

Best Moving Seasons in Singapore

Best Moving Seasons in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

When considering a move to or within Singapore, understanding the best moving seasons can play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free relocation. Singapore, known for its unique weather patterns, offers certain periods that are more favorable for moving. Let’s dive into the optimal times and reasons why they’re considered the best.


Understanding Singapore’s Climate to Choose The Best Moving Seasons

Singapore is situated near the equator, which means it experiences a tropical rainforest climate. With high humidity levels, consistent temperatures, and frequent rainfalls, selecting the right moving season becomes crucial.


Mid-January to Early May: Dry Season Advantage

The period between mid-January and early May is comparatively drier, making it a favorite for many. Here’s why:

  • Consistent Weather: The chances of rain are lower, reducing potential moving disruptions.
  • Cooler Temperatures: Mornings and evenings are cooler, offering comfort during the strenuous moving process.


Late June to Early September: The Sweet Spot

While rainfalls can be sporadic, this period presents several benefits:

  • School Holidays: This season coincides with school holidays, making it easier for families with children to move without academic disruptions.
  • Fewer Bookings: Many avoid this season due to unpredictable rains, leading to more availability and sometimes better rates from moving companies.


Avoiding the Peak Rainy Season

From mid-November to early January, Singapore experiences its peak rainy season. Heavy rain can cause slippery floors, so accidents are more likely. Cardboard boxes and clothing will need to be handled with extra care to avoid getting them wet. This is even more important if your belongings are going into storage for a while. Humidity can encourage the growth of mold and damage items beyond repair.  Therefore, if possible, it’s advisable to avoid relocating during these months.


Choose the Best Time to Move

Deciding on what day of the week can be tricky. If you have a demanding job and do not have a lot of time spare during the week, choosing the weekend makes more sense. If you are more flexible and want to save some money along the way, go for a weekday. Moving at the weekend can cost a bit more as it is an extremely popular time. Keep in mind that if you are moving into a Housing & Development Board (HDB) unit, movers are not allowed to operate on Sundays and during public holidays.

Another factor to consider is the time of the move. Again, people moving in or out of an HDB apartment should be mindful of their neighbors along with the strata-title rules. This means that if you have chosen a Saturday, you can only move between 9 a.m and 1 p.m.

If you are not moving into an HDB unit, you will have more flexibility to schedule your move, keeping in mind that traffic during rush hour can be a nightmare. It is highly recommended to move before that time, especially if the movers have to make more than one trip.



When it comes to moving, you can try to save some cost by moving during the most ideal time, when there is a low demand for moving services in Singapore. The best time to move will actually depend on your budget, location, and timeline. You can’t possibly wait until the middle of the month if you’re expected to start working at the beginning.

All in all, no matter what challenges or complications you face in moving your house, Penguin Logistics will be able to adapt and solve your moving issues.


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