How Movers in Singapore Handle Fragile Items

How Movers in Singapore Handle Fragile Items

Moving to a new home or office can be an exciting experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when it involves delicate and fragile items. How Movers in Singapore handle fragile items and ensure the safe handling and transportation of these valuable possessions is a top priority. In this article, we will explore the best practices employed by professional movers in Singapore to protect fragile items during the relocation process.

Careful Packaging

The handling of fragile items is important so we do not damage them during the transit from your old location to the new location. In order to do this effectively, you need to have the right packing materials and tools in hand. There is always that chance of accidents happening during moving so always protect your items with adequate materials.

Expert movers in Singapore use high-quality packing materials, such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and sturdy boxes, when handling fragile items to provide an extra layer of protection. This meticulous approach significantly reduces the risk of damage during the moving process.

Here is a list of materials movers need to handle fragile items securely and safely in Singapore:

  • Lots of bubble wrap or foam: Protect the item from external damage.
  • Tape and Scissors
  • Old Newspaper or Cloth: Cover the exposed angles of the fragile item you are transporting. They act as an additional buffer for your fragile item in case you knocked them over the corner of the wall when transporting.
  • Double Wall Corrugated Box: Double-wall provides more strength to your box to contain the items.

Strategic Loading and Unloading

Efficient loading and unloading techniques are crucial in preventing fragile items from shifting or falling during transportation. Experienced movers in Singapore are well-versed in organizing items, placing heavier items at the bottom and delicate pieces on top. This prevents unnecessary pressure and minimizes the risk of breakage.

Custom Crating for Extra Protection

Some fragile items, such as delicate artworks, antiques, or valuable heirlooms, require additional protection beyond traditional packaging. In such cases, professional movers in Singapore may opt for custom crating. Custom crates are tailored to the specific dimensions and characteristics of the item, ensuring a snug and secure fit that mitigates any movement during transit.

Securing Items with Straps and Padding

During transportation, the moving truck may encounter bumps, turns, and sudden stops. To counteract these movements, expert movers use straps and padding to secure the items in place. This process acts as a cushion, absorbing shocks and vibrations, and reducing the likelihood of damage to fragile belongings.

Safe Driving Practices

The responsibility of ensuring safe transportation doesn’t solely lie in the packing and securing of items; it extends to driving practices as well. Reputable movers in Singapore employ experienced drivers who are familiar with the city’s roads and traffic conditions. They maintain a smooth and cautious driving style, further safeguarding the delicate cargo throughout the journey.

Insurance Coverage

Despite the utmost care taken by movers, unforeseen accidents can still occur. Therefore, many moving companies in Singapore offer insurance coverage for the belongings being transported. This coverage protects against potential damages, giving clients the assurance that their fragile items are in safe hands.


These are some of the basic steps when movers in Singapore handle fragile items. There would be a different process if it involves the movement of fragile items that are heavy or bulky, such as a piano or a large photo frame. On top of that, these items require special handling and unpacking process.

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that your precious items are damaged upon unpacking them at your new home. So make sure they are all well-protected, most especially, the fragile items. While a DIY move is fine, if you have plenty of fragile items, it is greatly advisable to hire movers in Singapore for your home move.

Whether you’re looking for professional movers to handle fragile items, Penguin Logistics is here to provide you with friendly, professional moving services that are reliable, prompt, and cost­ effective.

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