Pack Small Kitchen Appliances for Moving

Pack Small Kitchen Appliances for Moving

Moving homes can be challenging, particularly when you tackle the kitchen. With myriad items ranging from plates to precious blenders, having a strategy is essential. Here’s your simplified guide to effectively pack small kitchen appliances, ensuring they arrive at their new home in perfect condition.

Below, we’ve gone over the essentials that you need to know, plus some tips that can help ensure your small appliances make it to their next location in one piece. Some of the appliances that these rules apply to include:

Basically, if it’s compact, used in food or beverage preparation, and plugged into the wall, it probably constitutes a small appliance. Here’s how to get your kitchen from point A to point B as smoothly as possible.


What Supplies You Need to Pack Small Kitchen Appliances

You don’t need anything special to pack small kitchen appliances in terms of supplies, but you do need to make sure that you have enough supplies and the right kind. This includes:


Boxes. It’s best to pack small kitchen appliances in boxes that are as close to their actual size as possible. If you have the original boxes your appliances came in that’s ideal, however, a standard moving box will work just fine too.

Packing paper. Have plenty of packing paper on hand for both wrapping up your appliances and filling in any gaps in the boxes. (You can also use dish towels to fill in gaps if you run out of packing paper or want to limit the amount that you use.)

Packing tape. Keep wrapping in place and seal your boxes.

Twist tiesFor securing cords. If you don’t have any, packing tape can work here too.

Permanent marker. You’re probably labeling all of your boxes anyway, but just in case, have a permanent marker on hand so that you can label the boxes with your small appliances as fragile.


Pack Small Kitchen Appliances

No matter the particular appliance, the steps that you have to follow to pack small kitchen appliances correctly are generally always going to be the same:

  1. Cleanliness First: Before diving in, ensure your appliances are clean and dry. A quick wipe with a damp cloth can work wonders.
  2. Disassemble When Needed: Break down appliances to individual parts. Pack them separately but within the same box.
  3. Selecting Your Box: When you pack small kitchen appliances, choose a box size that snugly fits the appliance, ideally a small or medium one.
  4. Wrap Them Up: Bundle loose cords and attach them to the appliance side. Use tape for sealing any non-removable doors. Then, generously wrap your kitchen appliance in packing paper.
  5. Secure Them in the Box: Cushion your box base with packing paper. Then, nestle in your wrapped appliance, filling gaps with more paper or towels.
  6. Seal and Label: Once packed, seal the box. Label it clearly, marking fragile items.

Some small appliances, like venting microwaves, will require a few additional steps. In most cases though, the steps above are all that you need to do to pack small kitchen appliances for your move.


Choosing Movers in Singapore to Move Small Kitchen Appliances

Always go with reliable movers in Singapore. They’ll take care of your stuff. Ask around or read reviews to find the best ones.

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