Penguin Logistics: Leader in Safe and Secure Moving Services

Penguin Logistics: Leader in Safe and Secure Moving Services

When it comes to moving, stress and anxiety can often overshadow the excitement of starting anew. Whether it’s relocating to a new home or transferring your office to a different location, the process can be overwhelming. However, Penguin Logistics stands tall as a reliable leader in safe and secure moving services, setting the industry standard with our exceptional dedication to customer satisfaction and the protection of possessions during the moving process.

Penguin Logistics is a full-service moving company providing affordable rates for a wide variety of moving services. This includes residential home moving, office moving services, warehousing and storage, disposal, and waste management services, and manpower supply services. We aim to be your go-to moving company in Singapore!

Penguin Logistics: Safety with Every Move

Penguin Logistics takes the safety of your belongings as our top priority. With a team of highly trained professionals, we handle every aspect of the moving process with precision and care. From packing items securely to transporting them using state-of-the-art equipment, our attention to detail ensures that your possessions arrive at new destinations without a scratch.

Best Class Packing

Penguin Logistics packers and movers give the best class packing of Household and Goods, ensure the safety of your goods. We always use world-class packing material. We also pack breakable things separately to keep them safe and damage-free.

Incomparable Services

We like to consider our range of services incomparable to any other that you might get from a similar firm in Singapore. We cover and offer multiple services related to the need for moving and relocating to a new place. It’s our understanding that customers should focus on what they will meet in the new place. All concerns regarding safe and efficient transportation of all their household or office items should be far from their minds. That is why we are highly focused on giving you a 5-star treat every time you contact us for any of our services.

Services available:

Experienced Teams

We have a wealth of experience as the leading relocation services Singapore company. We strive to anticipate what each and every client needs in order to make their move as painless and enjoyable as possible, while offering professional relocation services Singapore at a competitive price. Our service is second to none, offering the best movers and packers in Singapore!


Offering competitive market rates to ensure affordability and transparent and fair pricing for you. Not only are our services customised to your requirements, our pricing is likewise based on your specific needs so you will never need to fret about hidden costs!

With cost-affordable rates and a range of services, Penguin Logistics experts can effectively handle all your moving needs. In addition to residential moves, we also offer professional office moving services as well. Whether it’s relocating to a high-rise or single-story commercial office, our professional movers can transport all your items safely and on time.

“Customer First”- Penguin Logistics’ attitude

We believe in treating our customers like how we want to be treated. Hence, our employees practise a “Customer First” attitude throughout our organisation. Taking a step back to refine the quality of our house moving and commercial relocation service is an important part of the business process in Singapore.

We take your valuable feedback very seriously, learning from each experience and improving with each move to better provide more efficient service to you and for you. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Storage Facility

In addition to professional relocation services, we provide long-term and short-term storage in our very own storage facility. Providing a safe and secure environment for your assets is our top priority. With round-the-clock security, our storage facility is specially designed to store household, office, commercial and industrial assets, with highly guarded access.

Penguin Logistics: Green Mover

Penguin Logistics take community and environmental responsibilities seriously and reuse used boxes from one client to another. It is an eco-friendly, cost–effective practice for moving house. Besides selling the leftovers to thrift sales, we donate to charities like Habitat for Humanity and allocate the resource to the elderly, low-income families, homeless, and ex-prisoner. Instead of throwing away those leftovers, donating can be a meaningful and eco-friendly act.


Penguin Logistics is proud to be one of the most reliable house and office moving company as well as a storage provider in Singapore that provides first-class service to all customers. Over many years of operation, our movers and crew members have completed thousands of relocation and storage jobs for the government, residential and corporate in Singapore. If you are still searching for a moving company, Penguin Logistics is your best choice!

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