Get Free Moving Boxes in Singapore

Get Free Moving Boxes in Singapore

How to Get Free Moving Boxes in Singapore

Moving can be both exciting and overwhelming. One of the primary concerns for many is the cost associated with packing materials, particularly moving boxes. But did you know that in Singapore, there are ways to get free moving boxes? Yes, you heard that right! By following some straightforward tips, you can secure these boxes without paying a dime.

Local Retail Stores

Firstly, consider visiting your nearby grocery or retail stores. Often, they discard boxes after unloading their products. Simply ask the store manager if they have any free moving boxes up for grabs. Most of the time, they’ll be more than happy to give them away rather than throwing them out.


Large grocery chains like Giant, NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Shiong, and Cold Storage have plenty of boxes available on a regular basis. You can find corrugated boxes from grocery chains which conveniently is also the best type of box for moving due to its strong and durable nature.


However, the boxes may be contaminated with food traces that are sometimes difficult to spot. We recommend thoroughly checking on the cleanliness of the box and also including an additional layer of lining in the boxes with paper or plastic before placing anything inside. This will help keep your belongings clean and protected during the move.

We would like to emphasize asking for permission before taking any boxes. Remember that these boxes belong to these supermarkets!

Online Communities and Marketplaces

Secondly, take advantage of online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Carousell, or Gumtree. Many people, after moving, offer their used boxes for free to those who need them.

To find free moving boxes on Carousell or Facebook Marketplace, simply go to the respective websites or apps and type relevant keywords such as “moving boxes,” “carton boxes,” or “cardboard boxes” in the search bar. Next, filter the price to $0 / Free. This will generate listings that are looking to clear their carton boxes for free.

Friends and Neighbours

Thirdly, don’t forget about the power of networking. Your friends, family, or neighbours might recently have moved or know someone who has. Reach out and inquire. More often than not, they might have some free moving boxes lying around.

Additionally, consider posting a status on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, letting your network know that you’re in need of moving boxes.

Office Spaces

Next, office spaces often have a stockpile of boxes from deliveries. If you or someone you know works in an office setting, it’s a good idea to check there. These boxes are usually sturdy, making them ideal for moving purposes.

Local Community Centers

Lastly, some community centers in Singapore offer free moving boxes as part of their community initiatives. It’s worth giving them a call or paying a visit.

Bonus Tip: Always inspect used boxes for cleanliness and sturdiness. You wouldn’t want a box breaking mid-move!

In Conclusion

One final tip for selecting your boxes, please pay attention to the number of layers of wall the box has. In general, a single-wall box is able to hold up to 10kg of items while a double-wall box is able to hold up to 30kg of items.

Moving doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when it comes to packing materials. With a little patience and resourcefulness, finding free moving boxes in Singapore becomes a breeze. So, before you consider buying, take a moment to explore these cost-saving alternatives. Your wallet will surely thank you.


Here at Penguin Logistics, we understand that moving is a stressful occasion. We want you to have the best time possible while moving! We are experts in the moving industry and feel free to drop us a call if you have any queries related to moving.


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