Preparing Your New Home Before the Move

Preparing Your New Home Before the Move

Preparing Your New Home Before the Move: Essential Tips

Making a move? Before you pack up and leave, there’s a key step often overlooked: preparing your new home. Getting your new space ready can make the transition smoother, ensuring you settle in comfortably. Let’s explore how to excel at preparing your new home.


Clean Before You Settle

Firstly, a clean slate is always best. Before moving in, consider a deep clean. This way, you’re not dealing with the previous owner’s dirt or arranging your items around dust. So, hire professionals or, if you’re up for it, grab those cleaning supplies.


If you are moving into a rental property, ideally this will already be at a “reasonably clean” standard as this is what’s required of tenants when vacating a property. If it’s not, be sure to take photos to be used as evidence down the track, because you are only required to vacate the property in the same condition you received it. 


Brand new homes that have just been built are generally cleaned by the builders or developers before sale, although some surfaces may need a quick wipe down in case dust has accumulated or any surfaces have been missed. If the home isn’t brand new but is in reasonably good condition, it’s worth sanitizing surfaces and ensuring there is nothing that may trigger allergies. A quick wipe of any drawers before you fill them, plus a basic vacuum and mop, can go a long way.


Preparing Your New Home: Check Utilities and Services

Additionally, you don’t want to move into a dark or cold house. Ensure all utilities, such as water, electricity, and gas, are up and running. If possible, have these turned on a day or two before you arrive. Contact your energy, gas, phone, internet, and cable television providers to arrange final meter readings and the closure of billing periods, as you do not want to be charged for utilities being used after you have moved out.


Secure the Place

Safety first! Review the locks on doors and windows. Changing locks might seem tedious, but it’s a small step to ensure peace of mind. After all, you never know who might have a copy of the old keys.


Don’t give too much information away when labeling your packed boxes. Just indicate the room the box should be delivered to and give a broad description of the contents. Valuables should be kept on you or with a trusted friend where possible.


Plan Your Layout

Here’s a fun part when preparing your new home. Before the boxes start arriving, draft a simple plan for your furniture placement. This not only makes the moving process faster but also lets you picture your furnished new space.


Preparing Your New Home: Set Up Essential Rooms First

Moreover, focus on essential rooms like the bedroom and bathroom first. Having a place to sleep and freshen up will make the first night less stressful.


Pest Control

It might not be the most glamorous step, but checking for pests is crucial when preparing your new home before the move. If you spot any signs, consider pest control measures. Better to handle this before your items fill the space.


Conclusion: Tips to Prepare Your New Home 

In conclusion, moving can be a whirlwind. But by taking these steps in preparing your new home, you set yourself up for a smooth start. Remember, a little effort upfront can save a lot of hassle down the road.

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