Set Up Utilities in Your New Home

Set Up Utilities in Your New Home

Relocating to a new residence is always a mix of excitement and stress. One of the essential tasks that often tops the list of post-move chores is setting up utilities. Taking prompt action ensures your new place feels comfortable from the start.

Unless this is your first move, you’ve probably gone through the process of determining how to set up utilities before. But it’s not something that we do often, and it’s not always clear how to go about it. To help out, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to set up utilities in your new home.


Understanding Your Needs Before Setting Up Utility

Every day we use the utilities in our homes without even thinking about them. You might wake up and turn off your alarm, unplug your phone, have a shower, fill the kettle, cook some eggs for breakfast on the stove, then sit down and scroll the internet. Moving house means you need to make sure you cancel the plans you have in relation to all of these utilities and set up new plans with providers at your new address.

Before diving into the setup process, understand your home’s specific needs and the utilities available in your area.


1. Water and Sewage: The Lifeline

One of the differences between renting and buying is that property owners are responsible for the water supplied to the address. The good news is that the water board usually won’t turn off the water when a property is sold, so you won’t normally have to worry about getting running water turned on. However, you will need to take responsibility for the bills. Your conveyancer should be contacting the council to register your name, and they’ll also work to make sure the seller pays their fair share up until you’re the new legal owner.

For more information about your new home’s water services, you can speak with your conveyancer about any expenses you think the previous owner should have paid, or contact your local council if your question is in relation to the service and how to set up this utility.


2. Electricity: Setting Up Utility to Power Your Home

To light up your new home and power the stove or heater, you’ll need to speak with an energy provider. Often gas and electricity are provided by the same company, and you should have no trouble setting up an account. It is worth remembering, however, that not every house needs gas. Some homes have electric stoves and ovens, or induction cooktops, so before you speak to a provider make sure to take a moment to identify the services you need in your new property.


3. Internet and Cable: Staying Connected

In today’s digital age, setting up utilities like Internet and cable services is almost as crucial as water and electricity. Take some time to choose the internet plan that’s right for your needs. Internet providers will have a range of plan options with different benefits and prices. When it comes to choosing your plan, it may depend on how many people are living in your new home, how much time and data they each need online, and what internet speeds you’d like. After you’ve taken a moment to set down your internet requirements you can more easily find and choose the plan that fits your needs.

  • Research providers: Speed, reliability, and customer service should dictate your choice.
  • Schedule installation: An appointment is typically required for this, so plan accordingly.


4. Trash and Recycling: Keeping It Clean

Proper waste disposal is essential to maintain a clean and green environment.

  • Know the rules: Familiarize yourself with local trash and recycling guidelines.
  • Set a schedule: Know your pick-up days and segregate waste accordingly.


Conclusion: Setting Up Utility for A Well-Connected Home

To efficiently set up utilities in your new home, plan ahead, and do thorough research. A well-coordinated move ensures that you transition smoothly into your new space, making it feel like home right from day one.


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